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Monday, August 28, 2006


new post

To start off a bunch of dumb comedy type stuff:
ridin dirty #1
little kid ridin dirty
gas in atlanta!
death metal band nile
cannibal corpse
Haha, I hope this terrible band is aware of this name hilarity (after hearing a few seconds of their music I really doubt it). Introducing A PLEA FOR PURGING!!!
purge (pûrj)
To cause evacuation of the bowels.

Monday, August 14, 2006


make money

good, a christian who is not foaming at the mouth and trying to explain away actual science.
article about not hating america
good soccer blog
good Henry goal collection
just think, this movie was released when I was one
and this is the only funny part
Listen to those lame excuses which are totally unnecessary. Everyone knows that Chelsea is a MUCH better team than the MLS all stars, and that this game was a fluke.
this game is going to be fun.
funny UFO site
Hard Gay gets married
world music links
More chinatown soccer club stuff
Nova shows about doctors(some of it is graphic):
Google map island that looks nice

Sunday, August 06, 2006



big blob
no nukes, shut up
the following several are all about Thierry Henry:
he is the best
he is the best
the best
the best
I love Henry
football grounds of England
American writer ranks the teams
awsome underground lair
xenophobia in Japan


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