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Sunday, December 23, 2007



Some rich guy's ridiculous car collection
Ski at home
a cool site about people with hills in their yards.
a list of good soccer related movies
cool internet maps
FYI I'm a spy
Team Fortress 2 video
English football teams attendance
photos of deserted Japan at night
hilarious tribute video of 9/11
awesome Warhammer 40k landscape
Frat House: a documentary
Cheetah video
Intelligent design
Mormons - haha
Gatorade inventor dies
Awesome gliding skydivers
Cool endangered species
Goalkeepers are crazy
Goalkeeper essay (sort of)
A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
Cultural relativism is stupid
There are superior cultures.
Charlie bit my finger
cute video
Roger Ebert is a moron
The sole piece of evidence necessary to prove this assertion is his choice for the #1 movie of 2007. The dialogue in Juno is nauseatingly fatuous, and it cannot recommended itself in any other way.



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