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Sunday, December 23, 2007



Some rich guy's ridiculous car collection
Ski at home
a cool site about people with hills in their yards.
a list of good soccer related movies
cool internet maps
FYI I'm a spy
Team Fortress 2 video
English football teams attendance
photos of deserted Japan at night
hilarious tribute video of 9/11
awesome Warhammer 40k landscape
Frat House: a documentary
Cheetah video
Intelligent design
Mormons - haha
Gatorade inventor dies
Awesome gliding skydivers
Cool endangered species
Goalkeepers are crazy
Goalkeeper essay (sort of)
A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
Cultural relativism is stupid
There are superior cultures.
Charlie bit my finger
cute video
Roger Ebert is a moron
The sole piece of evidence necessary to prove this assertion is his choice for the #1 movie of 2007. The dialogue in Juno is nauseatingly fatuous, and it cannot recommended itself in any other way.


[b]Excellent Uses for Air Mattresses [/b]

If you have not seen an air mattress lately, then you really have no idea of the great number of things you can use an air mattress for. The days of the old thin relatively useless air mattresses are long gone. The air mattresses of today have evolved into comfort beds that can be inflated with a hair dryer. If you think that the only time an air mattress comes in handy is a camping trip then you really need to have another think.

Here are a few instances where an air mattress is extremely useful:

* Camping. Of course we couldn’t leave this instance out of the mix. These mattresses are perfect for any camping trip whether you are ‘roughing it’ in a tent, staying in an RV, or a cabin, an air mattress can help you get a great nights sleep.

* Overnight guests. You no longer have to have an extra bed that takes up perfectly useful space in your home in order to have quests spend the night. With an air mattress any room can become a guest bedroom in seconds and when they wake in the morning you can have the entire mattress put away in a matter of minutes.

* Dorm rooms. If you have kids preparing for colleges I am sure you will find that adequate bedding can be expensive. Even if they have dorm mattresses, those mattresses can be rough for a good nights sleep and some of today’s dorms and college apartments aren’t even equipped with basic bedding anymore. These air mattresses offer a valid alternative for sleep options.

* Sleepovers and inside campouts with the kids. If you have kids then I’m sure you’re already thinking of the great fun your kids can have with an air mattress. You can have indoor campouts and slumber parties and sleepovers galore.

If this doesn’t have your imagination going, I’m not sure what it would take. Be creative and think of all the fun things you can do with an air mattress. They sure have come a long way since the days of old. If you haven’t tried one lately, you might find that they are more comfortable than your bed. So try one out today and see what thoughts come to mind.

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