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Sunday, December 23, 2007



Some rich guy's ridiculous car collection
Ski at home
a cool site about people with hills in their yards.
a list of good soccer related movies
cool internet maps
FYI I'm a spy
Team Fortress 2 video
English football teams attendance
photos of deserted Japan at night
hilarious tribute video of 9/11
awesome Warhammer 40k landscape
Frat House: a documentary
Cheetah video
Intelligent design
Mormons - haha
Gatorade inventor dies
Awesome gliding skydivers
Cool endangered species
Goalkeepers are crazy
Goalkeeper essay (sort of)
A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
Cultural relativism is stupid
There are superior cultures.
Charlie bit my finger
cute video
Roger Ebert is a moron
The sole piece of evidence necessary to prove this assertion is his choice for the #1 movie of 2007. The dialogue in Juno is nauseatingly fatuous, and it cannot recommended itself in any other way.


Monday, November 19, 2007


A post

Pictures of cool libraries
coolest motorcycle ever
urban surfing
nice save!
Arsenal is rich
Turbo around the Nordschleife
Houses with views
Blink 182 drummer remixes Soulja Boy
condition 1 weather in Antartica


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here is a post

LOOK BOOK: Caroline Schiff, Recent Graduate

Favorite quotes: "So I guess I’m just doing the postcollege puttering around." ; "And my boyfriend just joined the peace corps and left for Tanzania. He’s very ambitious." ; and "I produced this amazing burlesque-lingerie fashion show in Scotland."
Rendezvous by Claude Lelouch
A short film of this guy driving around Paris as 5:30 AM. The car was a Mercedes, the sound is that of a Ferrari. Watch in full screen.
Second Earth found 20 light years away
New favorite Bible verse: 1 Corinthians 14:24-35
Women must be silent in church. AMEN.
Documentary about English hooliganism during the 2006 World Cup.
Comic: retirement plan
Fighting Giraffes video
Awesome pictures of islands with houses on them.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


tons of links

J.K. Rowling tells about what happens in Harry Potter
That one above is an interview, this is the actual thing
Dragonforce guitar hero
Glasgow Diamonds (funny video)
UNIQLOCK: a cool website
Atlanta Time Machine
NASCAR (funny video)
van Nistelrooy: a funny goal
Height comparison site
Top 5 criminal hackers
Top 5 non-criminal hackers
hacking is a great crime to commit (look at where those guys are working now)
Fuji Kindergarten (video)
hilarious own goal
horrible rally corner
Awesome nature video
propaganda posters
Asian girls playing soccer
Earth from space
Vice do
Wayne Rooney kicking
funny soccer tackle
Nice pictures of Norway
Chelsea: best looking player
Awesome libraries
intense atmosphere at Fenerbahce game
cool ad for reporters without border

Friday, August 03, 2007


I am poor

Shearer vs. Keane
skills compilation
American Samoa vs. Australia
population 55,000 vs. population 20,000,000
Rhain Davis is really good at soccer
cool tournament in NYC (photos)
cool, but far to expensive, shirt
Thierry Henry has a box at Emirates Stadium.
The Scottish Premier League is the best in the world
Hopefully they won't be overridden by idiotic FIFA or something.
cool upside down map
The Sun vs. Canis Majoris
Some cool pictures of South America:
number 1
number 2 (log cabin)
that cabin looks so remote
Really attractive (physically) model
Obesity chart
NASCAR coach reveals secret to winning.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Some things

First some soccer links:
Drogba would tap that.
Schalke's stadium has an awesome atmosphere
Bending kicks
Materazzi, the guy Zidane headbutted, is an idiot cheater (Italian football is dirty).
I love this video (US U-20 v. Poland U-20)
But not the music. I wonder why most soccer videos have such bad music.
US U-20 v. Brazil U-20. The dumb video guy cuts off Adu's move on the second goal. His redirect pass to Altidore was beautiful (3:47).
Some good saves
George Best
Pele is really positive about U.S. soccer.
Messi 2007
Temp hides fun life
American football. We rule at an idiotic sport. (Seriously idiotic. Playing this sport as a linebacker gives you a decent chance at mental retardation.)
Horses rule
Above link from the MASHSF Honeyee blog
Really cool free Planetarium application.
Why men are better at sports
link from Marginal Revolution
The Causes and Consequences of Distinctly Black Names
by one of the guys who wrote Freakanomics
Williams Syndrome. Something I had never heard of before this video.
Sweet escaped wrecking ball

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Keepers, other stuff

First some keeper videos:
Gigi Buffon
Peter Schmeichel #1
Peter Schmeichel #2
Petr Cech
Next, a funny moments compilation
Bicycle Soccer
Soccer in America article #1 (The Independent) and #2 (The Guardian)
Non-soccer stuff:
City-Data.com; information about U.S. cities
High-rez picture of Chicago at night
Weird Japanese site
100 Unsexiest men (65 especially deserves his spot)
Article about how 300, and other movies in that vein, are not inherently gay. Not superbly written, but has some good parts.
Japanese Defense Minister says A-Bombings "Couldn't be helped"
Geek chart
Canadian decision making process
Bee terrorist ruins picnic
Book review: God is Not Great: The Case Against Religion a book written by an idiot.
Confessions of a former Jihadist
1st year salaries increasing to 190k?!?
Bill Gates unseated?
No substitute for hard work: U.K. millionaires

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