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Friday, July 13, 2007


Some things

First some soccer links:
Drogba would tap that.
Schalke's stadium has an awesome atmosphere
Bending kicks
Materazzi, the guy Zidane headbutted, is an idiot cheater (Italian football is dirty).
I love this video (US U-20 v. Poland U-20)
But not the music. I wonder why most soccer videos have such bad music.
US U-20 v. Brazil U-20. The dumb video guy cuts off Adu's move on the second goal. His redirect pass to Altidore was beautiful (3:47).
Some good saves
George Best
Pele is really positive about U.S. soccer.
Messi 2007
Temp hides fun life
American football. We rule at an idiotic sport. (Seriously idiotic. Playing this sport as a linebacker gives you a decent chance at mental retardation.)
Horses rule
Above link from the MASHSF Honeyee blog
Really cool free Planetarium application.
Why men are better at sports
link from Marginal Revolution
The Causes and Consequences of Distinctly Black Names
by one of the guys who wrote Freakanomics
Williams Syndrome. Something I had never heard of before this video.
Sweet escaped wrecking ball

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