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Sunday, September 23, 2007


tons of links

J.K. Rowling tells about what happens in Harry Potter
That one above is an interview, this is the actual thing
Dragonforce guitar hero
Glasgow Diamonds (funny video)
UNIQLOCK: a cool website
Atlanta Time Machine
NASCAR (funny video)
van Nistelrooy: a funny goal
Height comparison site
Top 5 criminal hackers
Top 5 non-criminal hackers
hacking is a great crime to commit (look at where those guys are working now)
Fuji Kindergarten (video)
hilarious own goal
horrible rally corner
Awesome nature video
propaganda posters
Asian girls playing soccer
Earth from space
Vice do
Wayne Rooney kicking
funny soccer tackle
Nice pictures of Norway
Chelsea: best looking player
Awesome libraries
intense atmosphere at Fenerbahce game
cool ad for reporters without border


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