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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


A moment of silence for some old lady who died

Here are some cool stuff that has been located on the internet in recent times!:

my brother, caught on video

^_^ kiri! lol I love Japanese culture, anime is so great japanese girl look so great (sort of nsfw)

wtf, is that girl anoroexic or hot! I can't decide.

wtf (nsfw sort of)

favorite quote from that story "The owners of a local barn approached Chief Ambeau with surveillance video showing what appears to be a light haired young man engaging in sexual activities with a small horse. "What I saw on the tape, I still can't believe," Ambeau says."

guess which one of these people is smarter!

omg cute

bad ass S.O.B.
wow google video field day

my sister, caught on video working out for the first time!


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