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Thursday, July 20, 2006



Ok, I just got done downloading and installing another RSS aggregator and, once again, am about to uninstal it. I don't understand what the big deal is about RSS. Is it that difficult to actually go to the page of orgin and see the content in full? The aggregator simply acts as an extra browser that is automatically updated, just like the websites themselves. Now there are good uses for this type of thing, but for most people these things are totally superflouous. Also, "podcasts" are just audio files with some idiot talking on them (I know, this has been said a million times but the stupid buzzword persists, so I'm saying it again.)

A few links:
wal-mart's corporateness is so funny it's almost worthy of admiration
this would be cool with more choices
An orthodox Jewish group who supports the dissolution of Israel?
I had no idea. I sort of see where they are coming from (although I am no expert on the Torah, (or anything else)). I guess they think that by creating a state the Jewish people are acknowleding the occurance/existance of a messiah.

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