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Monday, September 18, 2006



thing about cool record stores
funny car ads
(are they real?)
Bush to hold talks with Ali G creator????
Korean Starcraft game
nice SCV rush
I like agreeing with people!
especially on contentious issues such as, if Garden State sucks or not (it does)
Interview with Dr. Feynman (physicist)
these kids are wierd
really cute kid sings the Loco Roco theme song
photographs that make things look like models
global warming evidence
watch boring tv from other countries!
Gallas issues own goal threats!
website about evil creatures
cool guide to Tokyo
non-aligned movement
A bunch of shit countries (and some ok ones) line up to complain about real and precieved grivances brought on by the evil western world (particularly the United States).

thats all for now! ;)

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