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Thursday, November 02, 2006



Super Nintendo is one of the greatest game systems ever! Here's why:

Everything about this game is awsome!
-The items are incredible. Starting with the whimpy suit and finally building up to the awsome looking suit and tons of different weapons. The amazing ending of the game wherein you have the Mother Brain's ultra laser and can blast through anything provides a perfect culmination to the awsome items. The enviroments and graphics fit the game perfectly. It's awsome when you die and Samus' armor blasts off giving you a - not so subtle - hint that she is a girl (at least if you dont know much about the series). Finally, (SPOILER...) the point at which the Metroid comes and saves you from the Mother Brain and gives you her powers is the greatest moment I have yet to experience in a videogame (and the one which game closest to bringing a tear to my eye (I was like 12)).

The awsome tracks and battlemode make this the BEST RACING GAME EVER!

Super Punch-Out
Best boxing game ever. These crap 3D ones are so boring. Actually, Super Punch-Out is kind of a rythm game, except for the music part.

Donkey Kong Country
When I first saw this game at my friends house I was totally amazed. The backgrounds were so good that I couldn't believe it. This experience caused me to ask my parents for a Super Nintendo for Christmas which led to many Saturdays of fun, and some of the best memories of my life.

I love SNES!!!!!

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