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Sunday, January 28, 2007


take this!

The recent NYT soccer story was, at least partially, bogus
How surprising, such a pillar of journalism. Stop wasting paper on newspapers!
Conversation with Kenzaburo Oe
More "Cloud Warriors" stuff
This cop should be in jail. Shooting at someone in the middle of a busy street, endangering lives. What a moron. Police accountability in America!
Another moron cop
An article in the local paper, biased toward the cop, had a picture of him holding up his jacket as if to exonerate himself. It said POLICE in large letters across the back. I guess when he is yelling at people he has his back turned to them.
Crazy NYC bikers
Atlanta is number three? wtf
expat blog list
Korean special forces are awsome
Parrot with a large vocabulary
Good for you Israel
Good for you Tiki Barber
Google cafeteria
Soccer hilarity
Following are a couple really cool sets up pictures:
number 1
number 2 (awsome HDR)
number 3
This one is my favorite. Best photos of cities I have ever seen. No people.
number 4

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