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Sunday, April 08, 2007


cleaning out my favorites

Dry ice in a swimming pool
Starcraft in the future
SC2 soon I think.
Mountain bike ski jump
Boris live (like 50 minutes)
ytmnd: mac v. pc
mice plague
urban horsemanship
wierdo Clay Aiken site
we are safe: doomsday vault protects seeds
Mike Tyson
Snowboarding fun
I wish this was translated to English
Priest kills nuns
carnivore chimps
one man riot police
fursuit dance!!!!!!!
awsome pictures
best underground systems
another subway picture set
City populations
bulletproof jacket
get around censorship
Supreme Court bonuses
funny comic
Teletubbie porn
Incredible astronomy video
here is an explanation
WTF hentai reviews
LOTS of the links are from geisha or kottke.org

Well said.
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